What is Books & Lyrics?

Simply put, Books & Lyrics is a space on the Internet where I can devote real time and energy into exploring my thoughts on anything related to books and music. While I have buried myself in books and consumed and performed music most of my life, I have rarely shared my thoughts and opinions. So, I’m finally taking the time to do that.

It’s important to note that Books & Lyrics is not a review site. I literally am offering my thoughts. And in some ways, they can be all over the place. I have always been attracted to the underbelly of the creative process. Almost more than I enjoy the product itself, I enjoy hearing an artist or author talk about their creative process and the meaning behind the work they present to the world. Where do the stories come from? Where do the sounds come from? Where do the ideas come from? To me, that’s the good stuff.

Equally as compelling, are the places I go as the reader or listener. What does this book make me think about? What questions do I have? How does this song or musical experience shape the way I view the world? These are the kind of ideas or questions I want to explore.