India.Arie’s SongVersation Podcast

I’ve been listening to India.Arie’s new podcast, SongVersation. I started it soon after it came out and like most things I encounter, I waited for a little while to come back to it. The great part about that is I get to listen to all of the episodes back to back.

It’s a very intriguing listen. Each episode focuses on one of her songs. For about 40 minutes or so, she tells stories about where she was—physically and emotionally—while writing a song; she talks about her songwriting partners; she even discusses some of her experiences as a black artist in the music industry.

The most recent episode is about a song I have loved for years, “Ready for Love.”

I am ready for love
All of the joy and the pain
And all the time that it takes
Just to stay in your good grace

“SongVersation: Ready for Love” is a perfect example of how broad the conversations can be. In it she tributes her songwriting partner, guitarist and friend who recently passed away and who helped write and record the song. She talks a bit about how her views on romantic relationships were evolving at the time. There’s also some conversation about how the meaning of this song has transformed over time.

Maybe I’m one of only a few people who get excited about these things, but I couldn’t get out of my car until I finished the episode:

SongVersation: Ready For Love – SongVersation


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